Preliminary Judge ~ Katie Rox
As the former lead singer of the industrial-rock band Jakalope, Katie Rox found the success she had always dreamed of. From a top-three track on the Japanese pop charts to her profile on MTV's Cribs, from international tours to multiple Much Music Video Award nominations, Katie has had her taste of life in the fast lane.

But, the days of being a major label rocker are gone as Katie has chosen a much softer and personal path with her music. Her three self-released solo albums "High Standard", "Searchlight" and the 2011 release "Pony Up" have taken Katie on multiple cross-Canada tours, performances at the 2010 Winter Olympics, the legendary Calgary Stampede, a 2011 Japanese tour, and a collaboration with Simple Plan's Sébastien Lefebvre that resulted in the 2010 EP release "Christmas Etc".  She has also completed songs for an independent feature film and TV pilot to go alongside her previous placements in "Degrassi: The Next Generation", "Lost Girl" and "Bon Cop, Bad Cop".

Raised as a farm girl on the Canadian prairies of Alberta, Katie's music has evolved naturally into a warm acoustic and roots-based embrace. While some have referred to her as one of the talented new voices of Americana, she prefers to just call herself a singer-songwriter. Yet it was on a recent pilgrimage to Nashville in which Katie's eyes were opened to an important new distinction in how she thinks of herself, a storyteller.

"Being in Nashville and watching these incredible songwriters perform, it really dawned on me how the story itself is much more important than just a catchy hook. If someone can write a song about an old yellow car that makes you want to cry at the end, then they've created something truly memorable and clearly done their job."

Katie’s recent efforts, inspired by her trip to Nashville, paired her with producer Jamie Candiloro (REM, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams).  The two just finished recording her fourth studio album in Candiloro's Los Angeles studio, to be released in late 2013.

“We just clicked, musically and personally.  He pushed me to the point that sometimes I wanted to say 'I can’t give any more!', but yet I always could.  He made me dig deep, and I think it will show in the album we created.”

Inspired by the power of a good story and breathtaking melody, Katie Rox is clearly leading by example, travelling her own DIY musical journey.

Bio and photos appear with the permission of Katie Rox from her official website,